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What Awaits You in February: RSA Conference 2017

January 10, 2017


Has something else come up and you can’t go to the RSA Conference? Sorry to hear that. Send someone else from your team to San Francisco. It’s going to be a phenomenal knowledge retreat and interactive experience for your CIO, CTO, CISO, CPO, and CDO and their support teams. Here’re some of the topics that you’ll kick yourself over if you miss out on them:





1) SANS Core NetWars Experience
2) Sandbox: Unexpected IoT–Solar Panels Compromise
3) Sandbox: CyberSafety Who’s Watching the Kids? Data Collection on Minors
4) Sandbox: Cyber, an Evolving Ecosystem: Creating the Road for Tomorrow’s Smart Cities
5) Sandbox: Weaponizing IoT
6) Analytics, Intelligence & Response Are You Protecting Data That Has Already Been Compromised?
7) Cloud Security & Virtualization SSL VPN Technology Milestone Unveiled
8) Keynote: The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques, and What’s Coming Next
9) Keynote: The Coming Disruption in Security
10) Executive Women’s Forum Meet & Greet





11) Sandbox: Fact or FUD? ICS Cyberattack Simulation and Impact Analysis Fun for the Whole Family
12) Governance, Risk & Compliance Threat Is the New Risk
13) Application Security & DevOps Your Chance to Get It Right: 5 Keys to Building AppSec into DevOps
14) Keynote: Delivering Effective Security Outcomes
15) Sandbox: Medical Device Security Considerations: Case Study
16) CyberSafety A New Approach for CyberSafety and the “Tech Talk” with Kids





17) CyberSafety Top 3 Threats Facing Kids Online
18) Sandbox: Profiling Exposed Cyber-Infrastructure in Cities in the United States
19) Sandbox: What Do You Mean, “Patch”? A Shared Vision of IoT Security Updates
20) Security Strategy Buy, Deploy, Manage: Simplifying the complex Cybersecurity decision
21) Briefing Center EDR for Enterprise Data : Strong, Intelligent, Resilient
22) CyberSafety STEHM is the new STEM
23) Sandbox: SANS DFIR NetWars Tournament
24) Sandbox: Anatomy of Industrial Cyber Attacks
25) Application Security & DevOps XXE: When Features Become Vulnerabilities
26) Sandbox: The Connected World Has Been Disconnected: Survival Guide in IoT Threats Era
27) Keynote: Radical Innovation: Revolutionizing the Future of Cybersecurity
28) Keynote: The Great A.I. Awakening: A Conversation with Eric Schmidt
29) Security Mashup Perils of Shadow IT 2.0: The App-to-Cloud Security Gap
30) Full Conference Continental Breakfast





31) Sandbox: SANS Core NetWars Experience-2
32) Sandbox: Ransomware, Drones, Smart TVs, Bots: Protecting Consumers in the Age of IoT
33) CyberSafety Keeping Young Hackers Out of Orange Jumpsuits (Even if it’s the New Black)
34) Sandbox: Safety First! Strategic Solutions to Protect the Industrial Internet of Things
35) Sandbox: Cybersecurity Culture in ICS Organization: Human Factor as the Weakest Link In This Chain
36) Keynote: Topics of Leadership and Teamwork with Dame Stella Rimington
37) Keynote: Data Futures: Protecting the Changing Value of Data





38) Sandbox IRL: Live Hacking Demos!
39) Briefing Center Nitro for fast & furious mobile app security: continuous testing for DevOps
40) Sandbox: IIOT Vulnerabilities, Where Do They Lie?
41) Forum Modern Policymaking in a Hyper-Connected World
42) CyberSafety Games That Teach Kids Situational Security Awareness
43) CyberSafety Parental Controls for Mobile Devices
44) Sandbox: IoT in Healthcare: Life or Death
45) Analytics, Intelligence & Response One Million Alerts: Solving the Major Incident Response Challenge
46) CyberSafety Why Aren’t We Teaching Cyber Security to Teens?
47) Sandbox: Adding Security to Your ICS Environment? Fine! But How?!
48) Keynote Protecting People and Content from Threats Already on the Inside
49) Keynote An Astrophysicist Reads the Newspaper: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explores Our World
50) Keynote Closing Entertainer Seth Meyers




Of course, reach out with questions you may have on some of these topics.






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