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75% of DATA BREACHES are caused BY EMPLOYEES due to the lack of effective privacy and information security awareness training. THE PRIVACY ADVOCATE is your expert.  Invest today in an awareness training program that works.

As if anything could be worse than to have spilled data out into the public, the fact that an employee was at fault makes it all the more embarrassing. Customer trust? Lost at the click of a mouse. Gaining that trust back will be difficult if not impossible.

We’re not your usual. We don’t focus on broad topics that employees have heard over and over again. We give your employees a fresh and healthy conversation about incidents, PII issues, policies, processes, privacy trends, and more. You need experts who understand that individual habits are the key to ensuring data never gets into the wrong hands. No more sticky notes with passwords. No more sending sensitive information via email. No more giving out information to unauthorized individuals.

Awareness, communication, and training are deemed administrative security measures, meaning it’s one of management’s key responsibilities to require and enforce. Awareness, communication, training activities are classified as key preventative measures. These are activities that will help prevent habits and errors that eventually lead to data breaches. Investment-wise, this means you’ll be spending less in the long run rather than spending on corrective measures, i.e., after a breach has already occurred (costing roughly $500+ per data lost) and your organization’s reputation already ruined. In February 2016, former president Barack Obama made a historical investment of $19 billion in a cybersecurity plan that emphasizes robust privacy training and development for federal agencies. Follow his lead, get your house in order (of course, with our help) and reap big returns.

Stay out of the hot seat. Limit risks such as data losses, lost trust, financial losses, negative media attention, non-compliance, and liabilities.  We can help you start from scratch or meet you exactly where you are. Schedule a consulting session with us now.

Good thing you’ve found us, THE PRIVACY ADVOCATE is your reliable solution to all the data madness.

 THE PRIVACY ADVOCATE helps protect your brand, reputation, and maintain your customers’ trust.

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