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Privacy Attitude of Leaders

October 31, 2016


Looks like you can’t make it to Dallas? The flights got ridiculously expensive because you waited too long to book. I understand. You’re swamped or maybe you’re holding down the fort while others attend the conference. Indispensable you!



Of course, you’ll be missing my session, “Privacy Attitude of Security Leaders Who Survive the Cyber World”.


No worries, there’s more where this is coming from.  After the event, I’ll be delivering a series on “The Privacy Attitude of Leaders” by request only.  You can take advantage of the series for your organization in the comfort of your own business environment. Let me know. I can get you on my schedule.




Gather your c-suite colleagues, unit managers, and supervisors. Check again to ensure all business functions are represented for a friendly vent, idea exchange, and collaboration for robust privacy, cybersecurity, security, and overall data protection for your business.


This series will help get you and your employees started on all areas of data protection concerns especially where there are significant privacy implications. One session at a time, I’ll help build sustainable interactions on risks, behaviors, diligence, performance and resilience. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried and experienced. This is just the beginning of a major attitude change for growth. Try it!




What about all the networking at the conference? What about it? You’re right, I knew there was something I was forgetting. The networking and the food. You’ll miss those too. The food will be delicious, no doubt.  And, you’ll miss networking with some of the brightest experts in the industry, but  I have a solution for that as well.




Declare a “taco” or “burrito” meeting. Don’t take my word for it. You know your people’s palate much better than I do. A little research won’t hurt.  Take it from me, you must serve meaningful drinks and desserts. Very important. Don’t worry, I’ll explain what I mean by “meaningful”. You should have a great internal networking plus I’ll chat up your people way before the next ISSA International Conference in sunny San Diego.




Then kick back and enjoy my series on “The Privacy Attitude of Leaders” in the comfort of your office from November 13, 2016 through October 2017. Let’s get started soon. Drop me an email for details on my sessions.


Twitter: @grace4privacy






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