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Effective Corporate Privacy Culture Made Simple

July 07, 2016



My July post is early, you noticed.

True, this couldn’t wait. It’s an event that’s the first-ever of it’s kind in the continent of Africa.

Excitedly, I’m taking corporate privacy culture to new heights, Nairobi.  Join me as I’ll present practical ways to achieve and sustain an effective corporate privacy culture to enhance business performance.


The Event…IMG_5382

ISACA’s inaugural Africa Computer Audit, Control and Security (Africa CACS) Conference, August 8-9, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

IT audit, risk, cybersecurity and governance professionals from around the continent will examine the transformational role they play in their organizations.  Attendees will learn solutions and strategies, including how assurance, risk, governance and security professionals can advance their careers and impact their enterprises.

Expect to take away from  my presentation titled, “Effective Privacy Culture Made Simple,” clear-cut strategies, implementations, and enforcement of an effective corporate privacy culture; the benefits of synchronizing internal and external privacy cultures; who the privacy culture players should be; and the impact of an effective privacy culture on business performance.

Is your organization modeling a corporate culture that’s hurting information privacy? We’ll iron this out in Nairobi.


©Kris Atomic 2016, for Unsplash

I’ve been recently quoted by ISACA on this topic…

“Effective information privacy culture is not a temporary resource. It’s an all-weather fabric of influence; the nucleus of all organizational resources. The shared protective attitude, beliefs, and values of an information privacy culture attracts all resource elements of the organization to bond, defend, and achieve optimum data protection, business performance, and customer satisfaction. No corporate culture should exist without embedding privacy.”

Session topics at ISACA Africa CACS will include,

1. Governance innovation and compliance, 2. Auditing’s impact on cybersecurity, 3. Big data, encryption, 4. Information privacy, 5. Payment data security, 6. Emerging technologies, and 7. Best practices in auditing.

ISACA, a global association serving more than 140,000 members and certification holders in 187 countries, will offer more than 30 sessions in four tracks at Africa CACS:
• IS Audit & Assurance
• Security/Cybersecurity
• Governance, Risk & Controls
• Compliance/Privacy


©Casey Allen 2016, for Unsplash
Fast Facts About Nairobi…
There’ll be plenty of time to explore but plan to take advantage of the pre-conference activities.
Pre-conference workshops will offer hands-on training for COBIT 5, including an opportunity to take the exam to earn the COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate; and for cybersecurity to help attendees prepare for the CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate exam.
You’re done reading this post. You may register now. I hope you don’t miss this opportunity.


On the hand, if you don’t make it there for whatever reason, I have more cybersecurity and privacy thoughts to share – in person. Plan to join me in Dallas! View the full schedule for #ISSAConf at

Let THE PRIVACY ADVOCATE help you with your data privacy strategies, management, training, compliance needs, and more.  Worry about other things!

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