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Global Reach

We’re excited you’re expanding or want to ensure you have adequate privacy, information security and cyber security safeguards and practices in place for new or existing global business.

Privacy and information security laws and regulations can differ dramatically between countries. You should consider requirements that apply in your specific situation with each foreign country you’ll be doing business with. We will help you identify,

  • types of information protected in the foreign country
  • how information can be collected in the foreign country?
  • restrictions on how information must be stored in the foreign country?
  • restrictions on how information can be used in the foreign country?
  • any laws limiting how long information can be stored once it is collected?
  • whether information collected by your business in the foreign country can be transferred to the United States, or if it has to be stored and used in that country?
  • if information is transferred to the United States, whether are you restricted from providing that information to other parties, such as companies that assist your business with administrative support?
  • if restrictions apply to information that you maintain about employees you hire in foreign countries?
  • what data security standards apply to data collected in a foreign country—if the data is stored there, or in the United States?

It’s a lot easier when you let us help you with these while you take care of other things. Invest in your organization’s reputation and your customers today.

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