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USDA – Seminar On Privacy

May 01, 2017



With rising risks of employee errors, cyberattacks, and inadequate response to data incidents and breaches, what does your organization need?

1. An effective information privacy awareness, 2. Privacy program governance, 3. Privacy operational life cycle, and 4. Best privacy practices.


Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report 2017  cites emails as a weapon of choice for criminals; the U.S. as the biggest target for  ransomware attacks  – “average ramsom spiked 266%“; and the Cloud as a dangerous place.

So, what’s your next step? Start with knowledge – get the awareness and training your organization needs today!


THE SEMINAR ON PRIVACY topics we covered at the USDA included

  1. U.S. Government Privacy
  2. U.S. Private-Sector Privacy
  3. European Privacy
  4. Privacy and Health Information
  5. Privacy in Research
  6. Privacy Threats & Risks
  7. Privacy Laws


I cherish my experience presenting at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Thank you USDA for the time we shared and for the opportunity to impart knowledge regarding the importance of privacy and privacy developments in the global marketplace.

Examining privacy concerns and exploring best practices with you was enjoyable – in one of the most beautiful conference rooms I’ve ever been in.

The Foodie in me says, “The food was impressive  – the delectable dips, fruits, assorted veggies, and all the other very healthy bites!”. What a great host and an engaging audience you’ve been!




 “Grace, I appreciated the invitation to your event.  I was blown away by your sheer professionalism and ability to speak and persuade a crowd.  You reached everyone in the audience with your interesting topic, eye contact, knowledge and mastery of the subject, not to mention the poise you showed.  I told Sandra, our Public Relations Officer, that you could teach us some things in Toastmaster’s and we are very fortunate to have you as a role model for our members! Thank you so much!”

– Linda D., Program Management




“I enjoyed the presentation very much. Grace maintained a nice tone and spoke clearly and made things easier to hear and understand. Grace was very informative  – and has done serious research on the topic of privacy issues we face.” 

– Sheerce D., Security



“I encourage Grace to come back. We need practices that will keep up with changes affecting information privacy. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give her a 10.”

-Teresa H., Security




“Grace demonstrates extensive knowledge base and professionalism. From the beginning and all the way to the end of the seminar Grace captivated attention by engaging her audience with discussions about her personal experience with privacy and security. Her passion to teach was reflected throughout her presentation. She asked the audience to share some of their experiences with technological privacy and security threats. Providing examples and having her audience reflect on their experiences on specific topics was effective and fun. Overall, I found Grace’s seminar helpful, fun, but most importantly informative.”

-Ilya V.P., Accounting



“Grace, you’re a natural!  Grace displayed a natural ability in delivering her presentation. She’s very knowledgeable about information privacy and privacy rights. She radiated confidence. Her tone and depth generated interest and approval from the audience (including myself).”

– Cheryl T., Information Services




“I really loved the delivery and the flow especially the quality of the slides and visuals. Very educational. All the questions raised during the seminar were properly addressed.”

-Beretha T., USDA Patron



“Grace presented a very clear, pointed, and smooth flow of privacy information. She’s very communicative! I especially liked the Q&A. It’s one thing to answer questions from your audience, it’s another to give the person that’s asking the question your undivided attention and actually listen. Grace did just that whether the question was simple or a complex one. Feeling heard is always very important to an audience not only for those individuals that asked the questions.”

-Tanya T., Customer Service




“It was a pleasure meeting Grace. She exuded incredible poise and privacy knowledge. Would like for Grace to come back and talk to us about our library privacy practices.”

-Scott T., Customer Service




I enjoyed Grace Buckler’s presentation on privacy entitled “Investing in Our Impact…..A Tale of Two Women.”  The topic was both interesting and informative and provided useful information that I was not aware of. The breadth and depth of Ms. Buckler’s knowledge of the subject  was evident, along with her concern over the issue.  The use of examples really helped to explain the concepts and make them applicable to real situations. Of course, the overarching example of the life of Henrietta Lacks and the subsequent book was both sad and enlightening.  The questions Ms. Buckler posed to the audience really made me think about the issues. I thought the presentation was both well-structured and paced. I would highly recommend it to others interested in and concerned about privacy issues.

-Wayne T., Information Services




Great awareness for the workplace and personal life!

– Jonathan S., Information Services




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